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Editorial policies

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Peer-review and editorial procedures

The journal uses a double blind peer-reviewed evaluation policy.

The articles submitted are reviewed for scientific quality and originality.

The first stage of an article evaluation is performed by the editorial committee in terms of compliance with technical standards (drafting rules, manuscript structure, image quality, English language, the existence of the requested annexes, etc.) and the ethical standards of the journal, including originality, by applying a similarity test to eliminate plagiarism practices. At this stage, the quality of the scientific content and its correspondence with the journal's domains shall be assessed.

Papers non-compliant with the requirements will be rejected before the peer-review evaluation. Any rejection decision at this stage will be verified by the Chief Editor / Deputy Editor and will not represent a peer-review assessment of the work.

In the second stage of the evaluation, the article meeting the requirements of the previous stage, will be sent to two independent reviewers with expertise in the field who will carry out an anonymous evaluation.

Editorial decision

Within 1-2 months of submission, authors will receive a response from the editors regarding the acceptance, revision or rejection of the manuscript. The answer may consist in one of the following resolusions:

Accepted in the form presented - the manuscript is accepted without any modification regarding the scientific or methodological aspects.

Accepted after minor revision - acceptance of the manuscript will depend on the revisions suggested by the reviewers. Authors must make these changes within two weeks of receiving notification.

Accepted after major revision - acceptance of the manuscript will depend on the major revisions suggested by the reviewers. In this case, the author must review punctually each of the the reviewer's comments and retransmit the article. The article will be subject to another peer review assessment.

Rejected - in this case, the author will completely review the document and resubmit the manuscript that will be submitted to the entire process of editorial and peer review procedures.


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