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Acta Marisiensis. Seria Oeconomica is a scientific journal that annually publishes original scientific papers covering a wide area of interest in the economic and business area, but not limited to: Financial Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Financial Audit, Compliance Management, Business Management, Business Ethics, Group Accounting, Accounting and Balancing, Management Accounting, Financial Controlling, Investment, Political Economics, Public Finance and Fiscal Theory. The journal is available in both print and electronic versions. The electronic version is published online and with full open access.

Articles are published in both standard English and Romanian languages. For foreign authors, we can provide free translation for articles submitted only in English, after completing the peer-review process, if the article is accepted. Language in submitted articles must be clear, correct, and unambiguous. The journal uses a double-blind peer-review evaluation policy. Submitted articles are reviewed for quality and scientific originality. Services for the publication are free of charge.

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Online: ISSN 2668-3989, ISSN L 2668-3148; Print: ISSN 2668-3148, ISSN L 2668-3148